Chic but pricey, yet exceptional and very pretty. In short, this contemporary setting in a beautiful mansion in the center of the city is an ideal location to discover the brilliant cuisine of Jérémy Scalia. This chef is already establishing himself as the best in the city (…) Using expertly-presented beautiful local ingredients, this chef, who worked with Lionel Lévy, shows great talent: trout from the Sorgue with grilled corn bottarga; Mediterranean red mullet and fennel rouille saffron jus; lamb from the Crau with caramelized onions, scallions and garlic anchovies (…) 2 toques 14.5/20



‘It is within the walls of this splendid private mansion that Charles Gounod premiered his Opera Mireille to Provencal author Frederic Mistral who penned the original poem. Today, guests can enjoy the Mediterranean masterpieces of a young chef from Marseille, Jérémy Scalia, who worked with chef Lionel Lévy in Marseille and at Le Bristol in Paris. The palate sings, enchanted by the fresh, delicious ‘melodies’ created by the young chef. In a lovey retro ambiance with a few touches of art deco, chef Scalia pays tribute to the produce of the region: tomatoes from Provence, red mullet in bouillabaisse, Crau lamb and even barbecued sardines. No culinary melody seems to scare him. One MICHELIN star.’


‘Jérémy Scalia’s cuisine reflects his approach. “I don’t strive to be exotic,” explains the young award-winning chef, “you can be creative without being experimental. As an example, today’s featured dish is lamb from the Crau marinated with anchovy, garlic, onions and spring onions. And roasted sardine, goat cheese ravioli, young sprouts and bear’s garlic foam. “I am very connected with the terroir and I don’t hesitate to combine products from land and sea, because that is what’s found in this region,” he says.’

– LA PROVENCE January 25, 2019 –