‘Jérémy Scalia, 28, feels he belongs to a new generation. “The trend is carried by cooks aged 25 to 35 who have ambitions and a decisive style” he says. Their style involves “transformation, and cuisine that looks for new textures”. As to the future, “I’m optimistic. The basics won’t change. The seasons won’t change and we won’t be finding new products forever. We’ll still be eating asparagus in spring, tomatoes and strawberries in summer.”  ‘

– COTE COLLECTOR 30 ans, 2019 –


‘On the ground floor of the lovely Hôtel de Tourrel, a delightful restaurant. Jérémy Scalia, a young chef with a convincing CV (stints at regional restaurants Une Table au Sud and L’Alcyone), makes great use of regional produce: a fresh and seductive repertoire, to enjoy in a nice old-fashioned atmosphere with a few Art Deco touches. One MICHELIN Star.’


‘Jérémy Scalia’s cuisine reflects his approach. “I don’t strive to be exotic,” explains the young award-winning chef, “you can be creative without being experimental. As an example, today’s featured dish is lamb from the Crau marinated with anchovy, garlic, onions and spring onions. And roasted sardine, goat cheese ravioli, young sprouts and bear’s garlic foam. “I am very connected with the terroir and I don’t hesitate to combine products from land and sea, because that is what’s found in this region,” he says.’

– LA PROVENCE January 25, 2019 –